About Torillo

Hi Bass Folks!

Thanks for your interest in our 100% handcrafted bass guitars and the world of Torillo Custom Basses.

Tom & Torillo

Thomas Germann aka Tom is a passion driven perfectionist – as a working musician and even more as the  creator, luthier and cerebum of Torillo Custom Basses.

Over fifteen years ago Tom started building highly functional and musical instruments. In late 2011 Tom finally founded Torillo Custom Basses.

From this day on he knew that Torillo became part of his destiny.

Passion and perfection always have been, are and will be Tom’s fuel and propellant to build the best basses possible.

Philosophy & Vision

The most essential and invariably goal of Torillo Custom Basses is customer satisfaction through the whole journey.

Customers shall always enjoy the process from the scratch, during the planning and building phase and, of course a 100% satisfying result.

The Torillo formula is simple: K.I.S.S.  – which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid – in other words: Take the best ingredients and handcraft best possible.

In this meaning we still do not use CNC machinery and developed our own procedure to reach perfection.

On demand voice design, top notch ergonomics and world class playability distinguish the very individual service of our company and creations.

For this Torillo offers a wide range of individual options like different scale lengths, neck profiles, body-neck-joints, finishes, and many more.

Approach, Craftsmanship & Quality

The best is only just good enough for a Torillo Custom Bass.

Top notch craftsmanship, worlds’ best hand selected woods, quality assuring procedures and high end components merge to become more than the sum of single ingredients.

All instrumens are hand crafted, truly “mojoed” and infected with the bass-nerd-magic of Torillo.

We proudly can state that every single bass ends up on a state of art. On world class level with a highly musical character and perfection made by strongest passion.


To reach our goal of long lasting basses, perfect tone and to match your individual voice we use several tone woods. Actually too many to name them all.

From time to time we carefully do changes for different reasons and our customers always can be sure, that every single wood we use is well considered, hand selected, well matured, prepared and processed by the eyes, hands, tongue, nose and mind of master luthier Tom Germann.

Over and above that and due to the fact that we feel responsible for our planet, we do not use protected or ecologically doubtful woods.

Our expertise and knowledge in wood gives us the opportunity to substitute any wood and even find better alternatives for a particular purpose.